Careers ?????


Don’t you just love it when you see an editorial posted at your favorite social media site that is titled

Jobs That Could Pay More than $40 An Hour

I am quite tired of seeing it are you? Now, I do not mean to discourage those that are seeking employment or a career but I have been around the block more than a few times. And, we all know that the economy is quite depressed. So, let’s ask ourselves and do a little research before taking out that student loan or maxing out credit cards. Here are the careers listed at the article. It suggests that we could be making in pay over $40.00 an hour. Purely wishful thinking. And, after doing some quick google searching this is what I found out. (this should get you in the swing to start your own investigating.)

Medical and Health Services Manager

12 Recent Hospital and Health System Layoffs /

Hospital Layoffs on the Rise: 4 Best Practices for Hospitals Facing the Last Resort

Layoffs bolster outplacement services

Applications Software Developer 

BlackBerry layoffs to R&D, manufacturing staff imply strategy shift

Tech Jobs: Some Brand Names Reveal Big Layoffs

Human Resources Manager 

Help for laid-off HR specialists Jobless human resources pros get together and offer mutual support. (this article is from 2009, layoff due to fewer people receiving benefits, so today you can figure that this has risen very high.) 

Twin Rivers school board lays off top human resources managers

Harsh Reality: HR on the Edge as Economic Downturn, Layoffs Generate Stress

Financial Manager

BlackRock to Lay Off Nearly 300 Employees

Capital One lays off hundreds in Richmond

Big Layoffs No Longer Limited to Finance, Housing


The Current Market for Actuarial Talent

The Infinate Actuary (a layoff tracker can be found at the right hand side of this site.)

(It appears that most good-sized companies, corporations, institutions are using Actuary professionals. It would be interesting to know if the lot is temporary or project work. If you are planning on becoming an Actuary it is worth doing extensive research.)

Computer Hardware Engineer

Hardware Jobs Suffer Most in Tech Layoffs (2012)

Cisco Lays Off 500 Workers

EMC lays off more than 1,000 as restructuring continues

Public Relations Manager

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) Lays Off 800 Workers

PR Week

Good Luck and happy prospecting for your new Career!

2 thoughts on “Careers ?????

  1. They also FAIL TO MENTION that many of these jobs require a degree, and often an advanced degree. I used to get really mad when all you kept seeing was “nursing, Nursing, NURSING… OMG we have a shortage of NURSES!!!”

    Sure, nursing can pay well. But it is damn hard to get into a nursing school. You have to have already taken college algebra, anatomy, and a host of other classes (within the last 5 years-so if you’re thinking about a career change, think again) to even be considered for a already impacted nursing program.

    • Thousands of doctors received their pink slips at CT. My friend is a nurse and would never ever work at a hospital again. She said that the expectations were insane. For years to today has a patient that she takes care of at their home. She also had cancer and really should be going to the doctor every year but as a nurse does not have health care coverage. Many do not because they are part time. I met nurses that could not find employment. I met people that took the certification course to do medical billing and could not find sustainable employment. I met a woman that went to school thinking that she would be employed to care for people as a health aid. She could not do the work either, too much responsibility. It was not what she expected and now has a loan to pay off and opted to work at a pizza shop instead of doing health care. It is quite unbelievable but true. You have to be a very special person in order to be a nurse as well as a teacher or engineer… Times have changed for the worse and my optimism has run dry. I am more of a realist.

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